Accessories and furniture for your interior design.
Indoor and outdoor illumination.
Different lighting creations for a beautiful effect in your home or business.
Exclusive creations
Each creation of Ativan is an exclusive design.
Handmade designs
Ivan Tricoli designs and builds each piece by hand. Each model can be custom made.
Smart Power Bank
Smartivan Box

Ivan Tricoli was born and raised in a metropolis Milan, I moved to Ibiza in 2007, a radical change that pulled out the creativity repressed from the chaos of the big city all started as a simple passion for creations dedicated to my house, later transformed in a job that gives me great personal satisfaction to live and especially when I deliver a creation and see the a smile on my clients. Philosophy: Unique creations for special places in the environment with ample space for recycling items that take a new life and new features
─ IvanTricoli



Artivan by 100mm